2009-10-07 00:42:33 by KillerFerret

Omg, im sorry for whoever even looks at this post anymore, im always saying "Oh im gonna make this" then "that last project i wanted to do is on hold i want to make something else!" then so on and so forth. Im sick of lying to everyone and myself, Ive been busy making a new song with my band and if we record it and play it at a few shows and people like it ill post it on here as well, but so far its unknown if we will EVER record it we just like making then playing stuff, even if it sounds like shit! anyways, i was thinking of going back to my old profile, Maxthedemon, but im staying here and im gonna start animating again with Madness, thanks to Madness Day 09. I miss the days where I drew my Madness characters all the time and made comics of the stuff i saw in my head, and since my brother Illingworthproducts is gonna join Incendation again i might as well under my new moniker. Ill keep you updated

Definite New Project

2009-02-16 00:12:53 by KillerFerret

I HAVE FINALLY FOUND SOMETHING THAT IM MOTIVATED TO DO!!! I shall call it Blue-Bones Tournament, it will be based on this one guys flash on DeviantArt, all the info is here.

WARRIORS (contestants)

1. Brass the Weasel - Brass teh Shapeshifter

2. Cybery N. Weezal - Me

3. Krystal the Hedgehog - KMWBlackbelt

4. Azentiger - Azentiger

5. Nightmare the Dark Hedgehog -Darkness64

6. Getsuga - Urufuruyasha

7. Black - Ventel

8. Melvin - Melvin2989Reborn

9. UNKNOWN - Nanousthehedgehog aka Illingsworthproductions *MAYBE*



Alright, in order for this series to be just PERFECT, im going to need to work on my drawing skills on the Tablet, and one night, i thought of a cartoon series i could do while working on my Frame-By-Frame animation technique, so this little SIDE-PROJECT is going to be my main priority and then set up the story of BLUE-BONES since the idea is still to fresh to be made into a Flash.

The SIDE-PROJECT is "Grungy", about a lil guy nicknamed Grungy from his love of Nirvana, Alice-In-Chains, Pearl Jam, etc... who is pretty much an outcast in school. He only has one friend (who's British) and have fun while picking on lil kids and TRYING to hit on girls. He isnt much of a nerd, because he aint smart but he aint a sport jock, so he is an 'in-between' in school. He wears convearse, ripped jeans, and medium-long hair that covers his eyes to support the Grunge look (hence the name). Pic will be out soon.

A couple of "might happen" ideas

2009-01-28 23:38:33 by KillerFerret

Alright, that last post was a definite not-gonna-happen. But i may have thought of a great and noble idea (accually, two great and noble ideas)
1. Bucketheadland Madness
2. Twin Blades: The Tale of Revan
3. Alien Hunt

Bucketheadland Madness is gonna obviously be a madness tribute that i have thought of after listening to alot of Buckethead songs lately. And once i listened to Frozen Brains Tell No Tales i was visioning Buckethead as a Madness character killing people (i guess people who didnt pay...) in Bucketheadland (two of Bucketheads albums, Bucketheadland and Bucketheadland II) well anyways, if the sprites turn out good and I can draw some ideas that are popping up in my head, then this is one project i might complete since my debut flash, Madness Rebirth.

And well, as for Twin Blades: The Tale of Revan, that will be announced official once i am able to creat decent Frame-By-Frame flashs.

And last and not least, Alien Hunt, a new idea that just popped into my head after I submitted this on DA and Sheezyart. I cant explain my stories very good so I will have to animate them (same goes for Twin Blades) so once I can get a story for this guy then I can try to explain how he came to be, but the only info I got right now is in the description in the link I provided.

There you have it, im still alive and active. But remember, I am focusing more on my guitar lessons and band musick than flash so if i do make these flashes, they wont be out for quite a long time. So please, incourage me and I will do all that i can to make these possible flashes become a reality.

your NG friend,

RavenStrike (but you may call me Conrad and/or Head)

Back to animating

2008-12-01 01:36:56 by KillerFerret

Sorry for being gone for so long, Ive been focusing on my guitars lately. But now i want to try animating stuff again but ill have to start back with what I know best, Madness... I wish i didnt but thats the only way IM gonna be able to animate again, and so my brother IllingworthProducts is hosting yet ANOTHER Madness Collab, so I am joining that to do what i suck at most, animating. Heres a preview of what im doing...

Back to animating