Entry #4


2009-10-07 00:42:33 by KillerFerret

Omg, im sorry for whoever even looks at this post anymore, im always saying "Oh im gonna make this" then "that last project i wanted to do is on hold i want to make something else!" then so on and so forth. Im sick of lying to everyone and myself, Ive been busy making a new song with my band and if we record it and play it at a few shows and people like it ill post it on here as well, but so far its unknown if we will EVER record it we just like making then playing stuff, even if it sounds like shit! anyways, i was thinking of going back to my old profile, Maxthedemon, but im staying here and im gonna start animating again with Madness, thanks to Madness Day 09. I miss the days where I drew my Madness characters all the time and made comics of the stuff i saw in my head, and since my brother Illingworthproducts is gonna join Incendation again i might as well under my new moniker. Ill keep you updated


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